A PERSONAL Web Guidance Company with a big Team behind

I love what I do in my company. Starting in 1994 as a paper & magazine maker  working for companies as Scandinavian Airlines, Ericsson, Headhunter, StorySide and Andersson Pocket I entered the web world 2005 by going to the US and learning from the front web makers  there. With a  background from working as a programmer and system analyst and designing papers and magazines, it was a natural step to go into the internet world doing both design and coding.

Lilian Ljungberg

Challenges that we find on the Internet is that it changes all the time, with a lightning speed. This is a challenge I love because then I have to keep learning and growing, and this is my motivation.

To my nature I am a very flexible person and therefore I choose to build my working team around each new project. I always surround myself with clever enthusiastic and experienced team workers; photographers, writers, designers, programmers etc.